Get to know your security officers; Corporal Joshua Pool

IMG_0083By: Chris Czachor, Student Journalist

BANGOR- Corporal Joshua Pool has been a member of the Husson University Security staff for over 5 years. However, it’s safe to say that even Pool could not have predicted that he would have ended up working at Husson University.

In fact, Pool had never heard of Husson before he moved to Maine. He moved to Maine for a change of scenery after serving 2 terms in the Coast Guard

“Florida is great if you are just staying for a season, but it didn’t seem like a good year round home for me,” said Pool.

One of the contributing factors in Pool’s decision to move to Maine was his love for snowboarding.

“My biggest hobby is definitely snowboarding. As we know, there is not a lot of snow in Florida,” Pool said with a laugh.

Pool says that his favorite place to snowboard is Hermon mountain. It is his mountain of choice because it is just a short trip from his home.

Pool enlisted in the Coast Guard after graduation high school in Florida. After his 2 tours, he decided to begin a new career in the law enforcement field. Pool worked as an officer for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office when he lived in Florida. When he arrived in Maine, Pool decided to work with the Maine State Police Department. It was then that he decided that law enforcement was not exactly what he wanted to do. Despite the change in his career path, Pool says that his time spent as a police officer provided him with the skills necessary for his next job.

Corporal Pool works day shifts for the Husson University Department. Although no two days are exactly the same, he has established a routine. Pool starts his days by showing up to the office and reading the reports that were filed the previous night. After catching up on the reports, he reads and replies to emails. Once he is all caught up, he hops into one of the Husson Security vehicles and patrols the campus.

One thing that Pool focuses on while on patrol is parking decals. As most Husson students probably know, parking spots can be at a premium when the snow and cold weather come.

“We mainly are checking for parking decals and making sure everyone is parking where they should be,” said Pool.

One of the reasons that Pool prefers working at Husson over working as a police officer is the age group he deals with on a college campus. He believes that he has a better chance of impacting someone’s life here.

“Being able to intervene in a situation where you can really make a difference and help young people make changes is very rewarding,” said Pool.

At home, Pool has two dogs and is happily married. He and his wife purchased their first home a year ago, and are expecting their first child. It’s safe to say that Corporal Joshua Pool has settled in nicely since moving to Maine and joining the Husson University Security staff.

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