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 The Fate of the Furious – Is Eight Movies Pushing It?   Husson Spectator By: Kelli Bailey   BANGOR, Maine- This fast paced, action packed film broke the box office upon it’s release. Starting from […]

By Kassadi Moore The Spectator The release date for “La La Land” on DVD and Blu-ray is just under two weeks away. The hit musical came home with six Oscars after being nominated for fourteen. “La […]

Pete’s Dragon

Brianna Bires Husson Spectator   BANGOR, ME– This afternoon, when I finally had a chance to sit down on my couch and take a much needed breather, I decided to watch the new movie that […]

Drink more tea

By Jordan Cust Everything can be fixed by a cup to tea. Not by hot chocolate, not by coffee, not by liquor. Tea. With maybe a touch of liquor. Depending on the tea and the […]

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