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by: Matthew Cunha This week. I produced Call of the Eagle on WHSN 89.3 FM live from the Husson Student Furman Center. Take a listen to Cole Hurlbert, Bryce Carter, Kevin Praik, and Tyler Hewey […]

I take part of a weekly sports show on WHSN 89.3FM. On this episode, I talk some Husson Basketball and Bruins. Here is the Podcast version of the show with myself, Cole Hulbert, and Bryce […]

Paige Rollins Husson Spectator April 25, 2017 BANGOR –  The Apple Watch 2 was released on September 16, 2016, which makes it almost a year old now.  Being the exercise and tech junky that I am, […]

BOSTON, MA- The Boston Celtics were down and out. Or, that’s what everybody thought after the first two games in their first round playoff matchup against the Chicago Bulls. But since then, the Celtics have […]

 The Fate of the Furious – Is Eight Movies Pushing It?   Husson Spectator By: Kelli Bailey   BANGOR, Maine- This fast paced, action packed film broke the box office upon it’s release. Starting from […]

By Kassadi Moore The Spectator The release date for “La La Land” on DVD and Blu-ray is just under two weeks away. The hit musical came home with six Oscars after being nominated for fourteen. “La […]

Pete’s Dragon

Brianna Bires Husson Spectator   BANGOR, ME– This afternoon, when I finally had a chance to sit down on my couch and take a much needed breather, I decided to watch the new movie that […]

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