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BOSTON, MA- The Boston Celtics were down and out. Or, that’s what everybody thought after the first two games in their first round playoff matchup against the Chicago Bulls. But since then, the Celtics have […]

Finger Print Scanner credit Card By: Shane Althouse How would it feel to not have to put in your pin number when you are at checkout, but instead have to use a finger print scanner? […]

By Kassadi Moore The Spectator BANGOR, ME-Jason Harvey is coaching his tenth year as the Husson Baseball Head Coach. He has brought Husson runs and Championships from behind the plate and in the dugout. He […]

 The Fate of the Furious – Is Eight Movies Pushing It?   Husson Spectator By: Kelli Bailey   BANGOR, Maine- This fast paced, action packed film broke the box office upon it’s release. Starting from […]

School Year Review

Husson University End of the year By: Shane Althouse Well it is coming to that point in the semester here at Husson University 3 weeks left of classes and most importantly three weeks left for […]

By Natalie Scott BANGOR, ME- Every year for the past four years the track team of Husson University hosts a Dunkin’ Donuts Run. The annual Dunkin’ Donuts Run is a fun way to help raise […]

By Kassadi Moore The Spectator The release date for “La La Land” on DVD and Blu-ray is just under two weeks away. The hit musical came home with six Oscars after being nominated for fourteen. “La […]

Toilet Times

Husson University Events by Shane Althouse   (Courtesy to Husson website)       Have you ever wandered what is going on campus and have a hard time figuring out where to go to figure […]

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