Husson baseball heads to Florida

By Jackie Hilton

Spring Week: a mandatory trip for students who are a part of the Husson University’s baseball team.  Every year the Husson University baseball team takes a trip to Orlando, Florida for spring break to kick off the season against competitors.

“We play about eight games on average while we are down there, and it is a great opportunity for everyone to take their mind of school, relax, enjoy the warm weather, and just play the game that we all love,” said Brandon Gendreau, a nursing student. “This was my fourth and final year making the trip and it was a blast! The whole team, including all of the coaches make the trip down to Florida, however, there is a price to pay.”

Students are asked to raise approximately $350, which covers the plane ticket down to the sunny south and for the houses that the team rents out during the week.

“We are fortunate that from all of the fundraising money that our team has received, each player gets about $75 every three days for food and what not,” said Gendreau. “We fundraise by asking local businesses if they would like to donate to help out the program and by working the concession stands at basketball games and other events.”

While down in Florida, students are usually playing most of their baseball in the morning, and by the afternoon rolls through, they are given the rest of the day to relax by the pool and enjoy the 80 degree weather.

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