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  Fantasy Basketball – America’s New Favorite Past Time?   By: Kelli Bailey Husson Spectator   BANGOR, ME – It’s not too late to catch the tail end of the National Basketball Association season, or better […]

By: Kelli Bailey Husson Spectator BANGOR, Maine –It is almost that time of year again: The 2017 Northern Maine Class B, C & D Basketball Tournament. Families and schools from all over Downeast, Central, and […]

By: Chris Czachor, student journalist The Celtics earned valuable experience in the 2016 post-season. They won their first two playoff games since 2012. Unfortunately, that was not enough for them to advance to the second […]

By. Nathan Cram Sports can be found everywhere. The United States and all other places around the globe have great passion for sports. It brings people together knowing they can cheer for their favorite teams, […]

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