Striking Up a Good Time – Husson University Student Activities Takes Students on Bowling Trip

By Kevin Praik

April 25, 2019

BANGOR, Maine – Husson University Student Activities is going on one of its last bowling trips of the academic year and the semester. The popular event which is dozens of students broad a bus or drives a vehicle over to Family Fun Lanes in Bangor and partakes in a free night of unlimited bowling.

The event is April 27th, from 9 PM -11 PM. The bus will depart from behind the Dickerman Dining Center at 8:45 PM. There will be free shoe rentals, unlimited bowling, along with free pitchers of soda and or water. The only thing students would have to pay for themselves is if they want to order food or alcoholic beverage(s) at the bowling alley.

This popular event gets students of the campus of Husson University and into the greater Bangor area.

“[We] just have a good time, get together, meet new people, and have fun bowling,” said Supervisor of past bowling trips and Husson University Resident Director of Carlisle Hall, Andy Michaud.

Michaud has supervised in the place of Student Activities Coordinator, Sterling Pingree on a few occasions in the last academic year. This has been the case when Mr. Pingree had other obligations on the night of the trip. For instance, he had to supervise the residence halls on the Husson Bangor campus on a set number of weekends per semester.

“One of the things I always look at [is] social development,” said Michaud when talking about his perspective on the trip. “Obviously one of your biggest goals [as the supervisor] is to let people go out and have fun in a positive and safe environment.”

Another goal Michaud talked about is having the opportunity for the students attending the event to growth other areas of their life.

“It’s opening up an opportunity for you to just work on social skills and talk to new people that you may not have met before,” Michaud said. “Some of [them] can become your best friends, someone can be future connections with businesses or just help you met people.”

When it comes to the skill level needed to bowling Michaud’s thinking is the bar is as low as the floor. “You can go out and bowl without any skill at all. As long as you can throw a ball or roll a ball, you can enjoy bowling.”

The event’s calm and casual atmosphere of the event helps to relieve worry.

“In an atmosphere like this where you are not worried about doing a great job. You’re not worried about getting the highest score. [you are just there to have fun],” said Michaud.

The last bowling trip of the academic year is on Saturday, April 27th, the second to last Saturday before students start Finals Week. This trip offers a break from the pressure students feel at the end of a semester.

“I’m sure you have to study. I’m sure there are different things going on, but at the end of the day, it’s only a couple of hours. Taking a break from studying is a good idea,” Michaud said.

“If you don’t take time to enjoy life; what are you doing?”

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