Boston for Spring Break

By. Nathan Cram

Ah spring break. That perfect time of the year where college students get some time off from their school work, and they spread out across the globe to enjoy some things that aren’t school related. Some students decide to stay in Maine, and some students like to venture off to parts unknown to see new things and enjoy time with friends. No matter what the destination, people associate the term “spring break” with words like fun and excitement.

Martin Lidholm photo courtesy of Husson Athletics

Martin Lidholm photo courtesy of Husson Athletics

When spring break comes around, students normally make plans ahead of time so they know what they are up against when it finally comes rolling around. Some venture down to Florida where the whether is a little less unpredictable than Maine, and others go to places they’ve never been before. But Husson sophomore Martin Lidholm had different plans for his spring break. He decided that he was going to go to bean town. Otherwise known as Boston.

When going on a trip like this, it isn’t as fun going with just your family, or even by yourself. Martin decide that a trip with a friend would be a lot more fun. “I went to Boston with one of my friends. I have been there before with the soccer team in the fall, and when I came back this semester I stayed with my parents there. I like Boston.”

Now when you are in Boston, there are many different things that you can see while you are there. There is the large indoor aquarium, quincy market, even the Paul Revere memorial. But some of the main things that Martin did on the trip was watch some sports events. “We watched one Celtics game and one Bruins game. We also did some shopping and had some nice food as well.”

Going to Boston is a trip that any person should try to make happen. The city itself has great history behind it. Martin knows that he would definitely like to go back to Boston in the near future. “Since it’s decently close, I would say so. I’ve been there before. I like the city. I also know where to find places, so yeah I’d say I’d go again.” He also has a new memory that he is taking away from this trip to Boston. “I like ice hockey, so that was my first NHL game ever. It was nice experience to just see a game and see some players that I normally see on TV.”

While in Boston, it is always nice to see some great sports events and see the sights. But other than those topics, there are some other things that Martin would like to see the next time he goes to bean town. “Maybe go see the Boston Marathon. That would be a good experience. Maybe go see Harvard or M.I.T. Something like that.”

Boston is one spot to go for spring break but Martin has some other destinations that he would like to visit during his next spring break. “I’ve always talked about going to Florida. But in the spring I want to go somewhere decently close, so maybe Mexico to enjoy the weather and be at the beach.”

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