Finals Week-The Final Test of the semester

By Martin Lidholm


Photo: Husson Athletics

Photo: Husson Athletics

Bangor, Maine – During May 3rd to 6th, the students at Husson University will go through what many see as the most stressful part of the year. During that period, it is time for final exams.

Finals week is filled with stress for many, but sophomore Saker Ghanayem at Husson is not one of them. In his mind, he has done finals before and knows what it is all about. “I know what to expect and feel less stressed,” Ghanayem said. “I have five final exams, and have one each day. That makes it easier.” To prepare for final exams, the sophomore has a special tactic. “I study over the weekend before the final exams week and then each day I focus on whatever exam I have that day. Also, during the week I do not go to the gym as much as I normally would and sleep a bit less. I try to put in a lot of effort and focus on final exams.”

Back in his first semester at Husson, Ghanayem had a good experience of final exams. “Thankfully, my first semester went well in terms of grades. Because of that, I did not really have to worry about final exams and getting a certain grade to get my actual grade up,” Ghanayem said.

Because of how final exams are testing the knowledge of the students, Ghanayem feel they are necessary. “I think they are good to have, and it´s a good way to do it with midterms and finals. It tests your knowledge halfway through the semester and then at the end too. For the most part, I like having finals,” Ghanayem said.

Nikayla Abruzzese is a freshman at Husson. Because of her final exam schedule, she feels a bit more stressed about this final exam than she did during her first semester. “I am kind of nervous since it is my first year. I only had one final exam during last semester, this time I have three. Because of that, I think this time it is going to be a bit more stressful,” Abruzzese said.

Just like Ghanayem, Abruzzese has a special tactic to cope with final exams. “If my friends want to go and do something, I will say no. When I get closer to exams, I just want to stay in my room or go to the campus center, to be by myself and study. Sometimes I study with other people in my class, but I usually do it by myself,” Abruzzese said. “I also want to make sure that I get enough sleep, so that I am not tired when the exams are. Usually when I am tired and not very focused, I know I will not do very well.”

Abruzzese also believes that final exams are necessary. “I think they should be kept. It kind of shows if you are taking courses serious enough. It is a great way for students to show their knowledge,” Abruzzese said.


To find out about when your final exams are, go to: Husson Registrar

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