Third annual Eaglefest to take place this weekend

Photo: The Eaglefest´s Facebook Page

Photo: The Eaglefest´s Facebook Page

By Martin Lidholm

Bangor, Maine – This Saturday, the third annual Eaglefest will take place at Husson University´s Winkin Complex. It is a day filled with different kinds of team competition.

Andrew Farnsworth, one of the organizers of the Eaglefest, explains that the reason that this event is being held is to give students an activity during their spare time. “We want to get students more involved on campus, because there is really not a whole lot to do recreationally. Athletics have the facilities and the priority,” Farnsworth said. “We are trying to branch out and get students, faculty and staff involved. It´s an all day event, and we are trying to get everyone involved and included as best as we can.”

Farnsworth also explains that the hosting of this event is a part of a class at Husson. “The Eaglefest is being organized by the Recreational Programming and Event Management class. We have split our class into committees, and we are all taking a segment of it. It includes making registration forms and passing them out, making signs, and marketing for the whole thing. Also, reserving the facilities. There is a lot going on,” Farnsworth said.

In Farnsworth´s mind, there is one major reason why Husson members should take part in the Eaglefest. “It is going to be fun. Also, everybody that participates gets a t-shirt. We are finalizing the colors right now,” Farnsworth said. “It´s going to be a day filled with laughs. It´s pretty relaxed and pretty inclusive. We want everybody to have a good time.”

To make sure people know that the Eaglefest is happening, Farnsworth and the other organizers have done a lot of things to advertise it. “We have flyers everywhere. They are all through the dorms, the gym and the Gracie,” Farnsworth said. Other than that, they have also tried to spread the word on social media. “We have a Facebook page and a Twitter page that we are posting almost daily on.”

This is not the first time the Eaglefest is taking place at Husson. As mentioned earlier, this is the third year. As the years go on, Farnsworth believes that the event will appeal to more people. “We have grown throughout the years. The first year, there were about 50 participants. Last year, there were about 90. We are looking to break 10 this year, and maybe to even get it up to 120,” Farnsworth said.

When talking about the Eaglefest, Farnsworth has a clear message to his listeners. “Make a team. We want some big numbers and are looking for 8-10 participants per team, with at least 4 females,” Farnsworth said. “The event is going to be going on all day, and it is going to be great.”

The Eaglefest will start at 7.30 A.M. on Saturday the 23rd of April and go on until 6 or 7 in the night.

To find out more about the Eaglefest and how to register, go to:


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