Farewell Husson

By Olivia McCrillis

BANGOR, ME- When the sun starts shining and students are wearing shorts in 40 degree weather, everyone at Husson knows that the year is coming to a close. For some, it’s more than just the end of a semester, but rather the end of their college careers. Each and every senior that is going to walk up on that stage on May 8th has a story to tell, has advice for future students, or the ones their leaving behind. As a senior myself, I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard my fellow classmates talk about how excited they are, how they can’t wait to get out of school. But in reality, as excited as we are, there are those who describe leaving Husson as bittersweet.

For many it was the sports teams or organizations they got involved with, for others it was simply the friendships that they discovered. Growing up I was always told, “High school friends tend to fade out of your life, but it’s the college friends that will stick.” Although I haven’t found the part about high school friends to be entirely true, I know that my college friends will be lifelong. Many of us seniors have created such close bonds with our classmates, some younger, some who have already graduated, and these are the relationships that could make an even bigger impact down the road. You never know which one of your classmates could help you get a job in the future.

Senior Web Design major, Zach Orenstein shares his feelings about graduating and what his plans are for the future, “I’m excited and anxious. Post graduation I plan to travel and relax for a month then get back into the workforce, as a graphic designer and owner of Medibles.” Orenstein is one of the few seniors who has already created his own company, Medibles, a baked goods company for medicinal marijuana.

But not all students created their own company. In fact, some find themselves getting jobs in a field that isn’t even related to their major, Senior Tyler St.Gelais shared his thoughts on graduating as well, “When it comes to graduation, it feels bittersweet. Everyone things high school is such a big stepping stone, but the fact that there is always college to go to,  means it’s not the end. After college, is really when it is the end.  Yeah, you can go back to school, but it will never be the same as your first four years. After school is hard. We all have this mindset that we will get the desired job we got our degree for, but really we all know we need to settle for less until we can get there. As an audio engineer, I’m not going to be a head engineer at a studio right away. I’ll work odd jobs, and with some engineers here and there, getting little experience in between until I get my big break. So far I’m going to be working as a pharmacy technician. That isn’t audio related in the slightest.”

So for any nervous seniors out there, do not be afraid. In fact, St. Gelais also gives some sound advice on how to handle your upcoming senior year, “My freshman year I didn’t work until the second semester. After that I had two jobs, and my senior year I had three jobs, and I had no time to do anything. You’re going to be working for the rest of your life. Try not to work as much now, and stick to your studies. You didn’t pay all of this money to work for someone else.”

So as the school year winds down, remember to study hard for finals and enjoy the rest of your college careers. As for the seniors, Orenstein has one thing to say to his fellow classmates, “We made it.”


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