Life of a Residential Assistant

By Shane Althouse

Husson Spectator

( Photo courtesy of Husson Eagles Sports Information)

BANGOR, ME- What do you think of when you hear the word RA? Someone that keeps the students on the floor on their toes about drinking, smoking, being loud past quite hours. That is what most people see when they look at an RA. They are referred to as party crashers. But not all RA’s are like what I just said some are pretty chill and let things slide.

This is what RA Francesco Wright had to say about how people think about RA’s, “The perception changes as the year goes on. In the beginning of the year. Especially since this I primarily a freshmen dorm. A lot of them thought we were like cops they didn’t know what we were, they were kinda scared of use, they kept to themselves, and they didn’t really do anything with use. As the first semester went on we started socializing alittle more and everything. They realized that we are just normal students too, yes we have a lot more responsibilities, but I’m not a cop, I’m not here to get you in trouble. Likes yes if someone is violating some conduct rules I will make sure to stop that to save everyone else around.  But once they realize that I’m a normal student just like them and I am not there to try and get them then they loosen up a lot”.

Now most RA’s range from being a sophomore to a senior here at Husson University. Some people may say RA’s are not fun. But here at Husson RA’s can be lots of fun they have events on their floor like pizza parties, Madden challenges, ice cream parties with other floors and many more ideas. Some people probably wonder how RA’s can have floor events. Well RA’s get a certain amount of money they can spend during the school year to host floor events. Husson University a total of three dorms at Husson which are Carlisle, Bell and Hart. There is also the DLC which is a suit it holds 4 people in each dorm. In the regular halls the RA’s have a single which is a room to their selves.

RA’s have a lot of responsibilities they have to make sure everyone is living in a safe environment while up at school and that the RA’s sort out any problems going on between roommates and other things. But when it comes to RA’s their purpose are just to make sure everyone is comfortable were they are living and that they make everyone feel at home in a way. This is what Francesco had to say about being an RA, “It’s a lot of fun, I like knowing people, I’m a very social person I know about every face in the hart hall. You get to deal with people when they are not at their best because taking care of your friends is completely different than taking care of resident when they are not okay, so that a completely different thing, you never know what to expect. So that’s kinda stressful. But overall it is a lot of fun.”

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