Husson Parking Made Easier

By Natalie Scott

BANGOR, ME- “For the amount of commuters and residents that Husson has, the parking is inadequate. One of the most common complaints I hear from other students is how horrible the parking is here,” said Katie Brewer a resident at the Bangor campus at Husson University. Husson University employs over 144 faculty, and offers enrollment to around 2,800 undergraduate students, along with 700 graduate students a year according to their website. With this many people in one small area, it is easy to understand why so many of them have a hard time finding a parking spot on campus.

There have been many complaints made on the amount of parking that Husson University offers. There were so many issues with parking that Husson security made an “open space” survey for students and faculty to complete. “On our busiest day of visitation there was an average of 121 available spaces on campus.  This year it has been as low as 30,” said Raymond Bessette, Executive Director of Campus Safety and Security. He also mentioned some of the most common complaints like, Common complaints – “there isn’t enough parking”, “I have to park too far from my classroom building”.

This year Husson University added more handicap parking spaces as the demands for more exceeded after four complaints. “Mr. Tom Warren (in charge of our facilities) is exploring options for improvement,” said Bassette.

On the other hand, there have been compliments made by students, faculty and staff. During inclement weather, Husson security offers rides from parking spots to the buildings that individuals are walking to. This is done upon request and can make travel safer and easier. This tactic also comes in handy when the parking lots are covered in ice.

Husson security also wants to make it clear that everyone who attends a class on campus, or who teaches a class on campus, requires a parking decal. Each individual must request a parking decal and make sure it is placed somewhere on their car where it is clearly visible. Students who live on campus will receive a red sticker to put on their vehicle, commuters will have a green sticker, and faculty and instructors will have a blue sticker.

Although there were complaints made by students and staff about parking, there were also compliments left to the head of security. They are trying to make the Bangor campus safe and pleasant for everyone. Security says they are on their way to better parking for all at Husson University.

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