Single’s Appreciation Day Gift Swap

Second floor Bell does a special Valentine’s Day exchange


Valentine’s Day is one of the best days of the year – if you’ve got someone to spend it with. For people who aren’t as fortunate, a new tradition has picked up some momentum.

“I came up with [the program] on my own,” RA Jada’e Miles said. “I did it last year and it was really successful, so I wanted to do it again.”

“I liked the idea of everyone on my floor having their own secret admirer,” RA Miles said. “It makes people feel good and I wanted people to feel special even though they might be single, or don’t have someone to give a gift to, or receive a gift from.”

Students on the second floor said this event is one of the best floor programs for second semester. Everyone walks away with a gift from a random “secret admirer” and as an added bonus, the most thoughtful gift giver gets a prize.

Second floor Bell is the dorm’s only co-ed floor. The floor is mostly girls this year; according to RA Miles, it’s easier for her to plan floor programs they’ll like.

“The boys will usually participate in the floor programs I plan if there’s food involved, so it’s not hard to make an interesting program that includes food,” RA Miles said.

Not everyone was happy with the Valentine’s exchange program. “It was awkward [because] I don’t know everyone who lives on my floor,” second floor resident Brooke Holmes said.

She said what made that awkwardness worse was how the different friend groups on the floor stayed together and didn’t mingle; it was practically silent the whole time. “Plus the whole thing just reminded me that I’m single this year for Valentine’s,” Holmes said.

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