ItsCunhaTime: April and May: Destined to be Two Great Months

By: Matthew Cunha

Boston fans are spoiled brats. There is no denying it. Since the turn of the century,  10 championship parades have graced the streets of Boston. Five from the Pats, three from the Sox, and one from the Bruins and Celtics. The current Boston sports situation is further proof of how exactly spoiled we have become as we are on tap for two deep runs from two gutsy teams.

Worst case scenario, both of these team will be the TWO seed. The TWO seed. How many other cities would be counting their lucky stars from them just having two teams in the playoffs? It is still possible for both the Bruins and Celtics to land the one seed. According to the Boston Globe’s Nora Princiotti, the last time the Bruins and Celtics both landed the one seed was in 1983-84. The 1984 season saw the Celtics win the NBA Championship and the Bruins fall early

If both of these teams don’t get the one seed, we will see it as a dissapointment. As an underachievement in the final weeks of the season. It is proof of just how spoiled we have become.

Regardless of either team being a one seed, the two upcoming months of basketball and hockey playoffs are destined to be great. Both the Celtics and Bruins have shown unmatched resiliency all season. The Celtics lost their 2nd best player minutes into the season, have their other star sidelined for most of the home stretch, yet are still alive for the one seed. The Bruins came out of the woodworks with an array of young players after a 6-7-4 start to become a contender for the 1-seed.

Both teams have thrilled us with jarring comebacks all year. The Celtics came back from 26 to knock off the NBA’s best Houston Rockets.

The Bruins erased a 3-0 deficit in Carolina in the third period. Recently, The Celtics erased a 6-point deficit with 22 seconds left vs the Thunder, a 12-point 4th quarter deficit vs the Trail Blazers, and another 6-point deficit in 2:20 vs the Jazz all within 8 days. The Bruins erased a 2-0 third period deficit vs the Stars a couple weeks ago

and somehow came back from a 3-1 third period deficit to steal a point from the Flyers with a last second goal just days ago.

All season these teams have been up against the odds and have defied them to be potential number one seeds, just like they have done in individual games. Any game we watch in April and May, will never be over. One night the Celtics could thrill us, the next night the Bruins. Maybe they will lose, maybe they will both advance to deep rounds. I don’t know. But I do know that both of these teams will leave everything out there until the buzzer or horn goes off. Even in defeat, it will be exciting and it will be exhilarating.

If the scheduling gods do us a favor, one or the other would be scheduled every night. How fun would that be?

The Celtics have  injury concerns with Kyrie Irving, and despite being great all season the diversity of the NHL playoffs makes it hard to tell for the Bruins.  The Celtics are not going to win an NBA Championship with the Warriors in existence, and the Bruins may have to overcome their demons in the Washington Capitals. However, with these teams you just have to have the feeling  they will make it out of the first couple rounds and beyond to extend the fun to May and perhaps even June. Whatever happens, I am ready for this roller coaster.

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