Husson Graduating Seniors – What is Next?

By: Matthew Cunha – The Spectator

Courtesy of Portland Press Herald

BANGOR, Maine – Every year colleges graduate promising individuals who have worked hard and are seeing their effort pay off. Husson University is included. I caught up with several soon to be graduates across the variety of different school as recommended by staff to talk about who they are, where they are going, and what they have done.

Chris Brownell (Bachelors of Mass Communication – Sports Journalism) –

Kenduskeag, Maine

Where is he Headed? WRGB, Albany, N.Y. – Morning News Producer

Story – Brownell has spent the past two years as a news producer for WABI 5. He started in the weekend role before transitioning to the morning role. Chris currently works from 12 in the morning til 9. In Albany, he will work from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. and is excited for the new challenge. Brownell is moving from market size 156 in Bangor, to 60 in Albany. “I will have to come up with entirely new shows with a new angle for that day,” said Brownell. “In Bangor I recycled a lot of the evening news but I am excited for the new challenge.”

Brownell hopes to one day produce live sporting events for one of the big time sports network after he gets some managerial experience within a news station. “You have to be strategic about how  you get to your goals and be serious about it,” said Brownell. “You have to go out of your comfort zone to reach goals. It would have been easy for me to stay here and succeed.”

Brownell said that a connection at WRGB from NESCom helped land him the job. “One of the directors [Tim Burns] went to NESCom and relayed the opening to my advisor who thought of me,” said Brownell. “[Burns] trusted that there were people here that could do the job.”

Eric Cooper (Bachelor of Mass Communications – Marketing Communications)

Ellsworth, Maine

Where is he Headed? Marketing Strategist for Dream Local

Story – Cooper has interned for Dream Local since January and will work remotely for the Rockland based online and social media marketing company after graduation. Cooper will run their clients social media and help them market rheir company. Cooper has also worked as Live Events intern for Townsquare Media and as a Broadcast Intern for Stephen King’s 100.3 WKIT.

Cooper hopes to get into fashion advertising and some freelance broadcasting. “Since I work remotely, I will get the opportunity to work on some of these things,” said Cooper.  

Husson and NESCom gave Cooper a sense of direction. “The Marketing Communications major made us rockstars. It gave us a little in every sense of communication and it get me into social media,” said Cooper.  

“My entire life is social media. I decided to make it so I get to do what I love,” said Cooper. “You have to rain it and love it.”

Ashley Clifford (Bachelors Business Administration – Marketing)

Sabattus, Maine

Where is she Headed? – Marketing and Business Development at Sabattus Regional Credit Union  

Story – Clifford is headed to be the solo marketing and business development person at Sabattus Credit Union. She previously worked at Androscoggin Bank as a marketing and social media assistant. Currently, she works as an Alumni Ambassador intern for Husson where she works in social media for the Alumni accounts and serves as a representative for the Alumni Ambassador program at events.

Clifford hopes to eventually break into freelance marketing or business consulting. Clifford created Husson’s Sales and Marketing Association. “Creating the Sales and Marketing Association at Husson taught me how to sell yourself as well as your brand,” said Clifford.  

The biggest benefit she got from Husson was the professor. “They were mentors more than they were professors. They expanded my horizions,” said Clifford.

Clifford had several job offers that gave her the freedom to choose. “I got that because of my professors. I don’t think many of us (College Students) get to choose the best option and I owe it all to them,” said Clifford.

Elizabeth Adley (Bachelors In Hospitality and Tourism Management – Marketing and Sales)

Rumford, Maine

Where is She Headed? – Social Media Account Manager – Waterfront Concerts

Story – Adley got a job in her second semester as a college student at Waterfront Concerts as an intern, and is now getting a full time job three years later. “I worked all the way up to it,” said Adley.

At the Waterfront Concerts, she has done a lot of their social media and email marketing. “Now I just have more responsibility,” said Adley.  

When Adley first came to Husson, she was in Accounting. “When I get the job at the Waterfront Concerts, I already thought that I wanted to switch majors, but that really solidified what I wanted to do,” said Adley.

On show days, Adley said she does a lot of responding to customers messages and any customer service work. She also helps with upgrades and promotions.  “It is pretty stressful and hectic on show day,” said Adley “During the show, it is just about capturing the moment. Seeing all the shows is a lot of fun.”

Adley hopes to grow within the company. “I have to still be learning. You should never get to a point where you stop growing,” said Adley.

The hands on approach of Husson gave Adley  A heads up she said. “Every semester we did a business consulting project with other businesses and it has helped me grow.”

Samuel Thomas (Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors in Financial Management, Associates in Accounting)

Madawaska, Maine

Where is he Headed? – Baker Newman Noyes Firm

Story – Thomas has known he would be headed to Baker Newman Noyes out of Portland a year in advance. Thomas beat out competitors from tons of bigger schools he said. Thomas was previously an intern at the firm.

Thomas will work under the accountant to fulfill his two years of working under a firm to get his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. Thomas has passed two of the four required exams so far which he said is unheard of at his age.

Currently, Thomas works as Graduate Assistance where we worked on creating a $50+ Million Budget for Husson University. For Husson, he works in financial management which he says is interconnected with accounting.

In 20 years, Thomas said he hopes to be a partner in a firm and looking into retirement at the age of 46. “I want to be able to give back while not having to work so hard,” said Thomas. “Right now I am looking at goals five to ten years down the road.”

In the meantime, Thomas says that he has to continue to work hard. “I have to be driven and continue to be a learner.”

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