Arrest Made at Orono Charity Basketball Game

Photo from Pexels

-Tyler Hewey

ORONO, Maine- In what was supposed to be a fun basketball event for charity turned allegedly into a fight at Orono Middle School on Sunday.

James Parsons, 52,  was unhappy with the fouls called by the referee and he let his opinion be heard, according to Orono police Captain Daniel Merrill.

According to the captain, some of the coaches tried to escort Parsons out of the gym but he became confrontational.

Parsons was arrested outside the gym by the Orono police office and he has been charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief for a water fountain that broke while trying to escort Pearsons out of the building.

The police believe that Pearson was at the gym because he was a parent of one of the kids playing in the game.

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