Husson To Host Etiquette Dinner

Husson To Host Etiquette Dinner

By Kevin Doyon

Husson University students will be offered a unique opportunity to tone their table manners and dining skills, and to practice how to act in a professional dining setting. The annual Etiquette Dinner will be held on March 25 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  at the Richard E. Dyke Center for Family Business.

According to the press release sent out by Husson’s Executive Director of Communications Eric Gordon, the event is designed “to teach Husson Students some of the finer points of good table manners,” so that they can master such skills and therefore help them impress and make positive impressions “when interviewing or attending business meetings at formal banquets and restaurants.”

The event features Jean Papalia, of A+ Etiquette, who will coach the students on how to present themselves and use appropriate table manners. Papalia has been providing programs on business etiquette and professional protocol to college students and alumni as Principal of A+ Etiquette since 2010.

The dinner serves as an opportunity for students to practice what such a situation would be like in a real setting. Therefore, they are required to dress in professional attire and will be fed an actual four course meal. Prior to the meal, Papalia will give an overview of proper etiquette, that the students can then apply during the meal. Everything from how to behave and conversate, to how to properly use napkins and utensils will be covered. Gordon say the event is all about instilling confidence in students so that they feel prepared in a professional setting.

James Westhoff, Director of Career Services at Husson’s Center for Student Success touched upon this as well.

“Facilitating professional development is what this dinner is all about,” said Westhoff. “Students are often required, whether it is for employment or an internship, to go to lunch or dinner with firm executives or partners. Many students are not aware of the finer points of dining etiquette or the need to dress appropriately in order to make a good impression. This etiquette dinner will help students understand the conventions and expectations associated with professional behavior that convey good manners and respect for others.”

In addition, the dinner will allow students to network with their peers and form professional relationships, as well as professional skills.

“Husson University is committed to helping our students achieve professional success,” continued Westhoff. “Providing students with this etiquette training is just one more way our University is working to help ensure our students have the skills they need to excel in the workplace.”


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