Thomaston Might Close Its Police Department

By: Nick Langille – The Spectator

Thomaston, Maine – The residents of Thomaston will vote in June to keep or get rid of the town’s police department.

Thomaston Police Chief Tim Hoppe works with one part-time officer to provide coverage for the town’s residents. However, people are concerned that there’s not enough law enforcement for the area.

This is a result due to the declining number of police officer applicants. People are more aware of the dangers that come with putting a police badge on every day.

To recruit more officers, Hoppe is advocating for family health insurance benefits to the department’s employees.

“It’s a stability builder. It at least attracts the people we’re looking for,” Hoppe said.

Before the June vote, the Thomaston board members will discuss their law enforcement options moving forward.

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