WHSN, a Real Husson Opportunity

By Jon Stinson

Bangor- Husson provides a lot of opportunities to it’s students, such as athletics, chances to travel, and extracurricular activities like the stereotypical college radio station. Husson’s own WHSN is a little different from that stereotype. It’s not uncommon for schools to have low-power campus radio stations, but unlike most universities WHSN isn’t just another school club. As a constant portion of the curriculum of the New England School of Communications, WHSN is staffed and operated by students as a non-commercial radio station. WHSN was fully integrated into Husson University with NESCom in 2014.

As a non-commercial station, WHSN is more consistent and follows more rules than the stations at most universities. While other college stations might play obscenely different content from DJ to DJ, WHSN has a consistent format of Alternative music. This constraint keeps station content reliable and more akin to commercial broadcast stations, and reels in the zaneiness that occurs on traditional college stations. Unlike commercial stations, non-commercial stations must avoid advertisements and endorsements. Instead stations like WHSN can accept underwriting from businesses for portions of the broadcast.

Under the leadership of station manager Mark Nason WHSN has won a number of awards for promotions and content such as the yearly Edgar Allan Poe Halloween radio play. Involvement with WHSN is open to all Husson students with the only restriction being completion of MC102 Station Operations. This course teaches students the standards they will be held to as broadcasters on the station, as well as informing them of the various FCC regulations that are necessary to know before being on air.

“(it) can be taken as an elective regardless of your major and it prepares you to work on WHSN and with our live events throughout your time with Husson University.” says Nason.

Being a part of the radio station can get you involved in campus events, provide an outlet for creativity, and even help someone come out of their shell. Nothing helps someone get over stage fright more than speaking in front of thousands over a 3,000 watt transmitter, and getting involved in non-profit events such as the semesterly WHSN Blood drive. These events provide community service opportunities and chances to network with people in the field. So if any Husson students are interested in getting involved with an energetic and artistic community that strives to benefit the greater Bangor area then maybe WHSN is something you want to be a part of.

To join the station staff or just get involved in station events talk to your student councilor, or station manager Mark Nason. WHSN is a non-commercial station occupying 89.3 on the FM dial.

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