I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Compiled by Caitlin Race

Husson University will be seeing a new Broadway musical at the end of April titled ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.’ The show will be put on by the New England School of Communications with their entertainment production program. Those performing in the show are a part of the school’s Musical Theatre Performance class. The classwork has been designed around the work done on set including the rehearsals and the choreography.

Just a few people involved with the play are Katharine Adams of Bangor, Alyssa Barnhard of Auburn, Patrick Caldwell of Lewiston, Jeff Cooney of Westport Island, Victoria Green of Saco, Kiet Ho of North Have, Connecticut, Alyssa Limeburner of Belfast and Samantha Strout of Buckfield. Between these people, they make up over fifty characters. Jeri Misler is directing the NESCom production. Tim Robertson is returning for his second year as the musical director after working in theatres across the country. He now wants to share what he has learned.

From April 26th to 28th, the show will be held in the Gracie Black Box Theatre on campus.

The managing director of the Gracie Theatre said “This production has been an experiential learning project undertaken by several courses within Husson University’s entertainment production program at Husson. Students are given the chance to apply the skills they’ve learned in the classroom to a real-world theatrical production in an effort to enhance their education.”

Those in the entertainment production program make up a portion of those involved in the musical. The program itself focuses on theater production, such as this musical, and audio and visual engineering. After completing the degree, students will be able to apply their skills to various scenarios such as theater, theme parks, trade shows, and even more.

The Broadway musical was written by Joe DiPietro and the music was produced by Jimmy Roberts. Since it first opened in 1966, it has been performed in theaters across the country. As the times change, so does the play. It now includes new songs and rewritten dialogue that fits today’s setting instead of when it was first shown.

A simple summary of the show is love and the celebration behind it. It takes a closer look into the truths and lies behind relationships in creative ways. The musical fits anyone who has loved, loved and lost, and those who weren’t loved back.

The first performance is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday, and at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The show does have mature themes, so parents are recommended to take that into advisory. Tickets are five dollars for regular admission and three dollars for students. Tickets can be purchased at the door with cash and it is recommended to arrive early due to limited seating. The doors open an hour before show time.

For more information, visit www.gracietheatre.com or call 207-941-7888

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