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By Kelli Bailey Husson Spectator   BANGOR, Maine – In October of 2016, Samsung stopped all productions of the Galaxy Note 7, due to a problem causing the device to explode. They were forced to […]

By Kassadi Moore The Spectator New England School of Communication is known for technology. The whole building is filled with so much technology that food and drink are not allowed. All of the equipment is […]

By: Brianna Bires Husson Spectator BANGOR, ME- Technology plays such a huge role in our everyday lives now. In the past 15 years, technology has blossomed into something beautiful and ugly at the same time. […]

App Review: Shazam

By Bryce Carter Music is very popular with today’s generation, and it is no surprise that some of the most downloaded apps are music related, whether it be streaming or buying music. What about when […]

By Charles J Paulin Husson Spectator BANGOR, Maine -At the beginning of the year, the department of Safety and Security introduced a new device to help keep students on campus safe. POMCO (Piece of Mind […]

By Nicole Duplessis Technology is a dominant part of our everyday lives. Many of us use it at work, for homework, to play games, keep in touch with family or for shopping. While this used […]

By David Furtado A solar powered airplane began its 500 hour trip circumnavigating the globe. Early March 9th the Solar Impulse 2 began its first leg of its journey with a 13 hour trip from […]

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