Husson Women’s Basketball Freshman Star

By. Nathan Cram

BANGOR, ME: The Husson University Women’s basketball team is having a great 2015-16 season. They have a 18-6 overall record, with a 16-1 conference record with just 1 game left in the regular season. The Lady Eagles have a strong group of players that are accountable for their success. But one freshman has stood out.

Kenzie Worcester is a freshman guard for the Husson Lady Eagles. Coming out of high school, Worcester had quite an impressive basketball resume under her belt. She played at Washburn High School, where she won four state championships and scored over one-thousand points. So she is no stranger to success.

Growing up, Worcester was introduced to the hardcourt at a young age by both of her parents. Always going to the gym playing different sports. It was something everyone in her family loved to do. “They were both very athletic and their main sport was basketball too, so that was kind of a family affair.” Not only is basketball something that her and her family loved to do together, but she also likes how defense plays a very key role in the game. “There is more control over the outcome of the game, and how the defense goes works off of the offense. I liked that aspect of basketball better.”

As a freshman, she has made quite the transition from high school to college ball. Worcester definitely sees some of the differences between high school and college basketball. “It’s definitely a lot more fast paced. Even though we were a run and gun team in high school, but it’s definitely more fast paced in college.”  She has also improved on some skills that have helped her play better in the college game. “I think my decision making with the ball has become a lot better. Also determining when to pass it or where to pass it to.”

As well as basketball, Worcester is also a Physical Therapy student at Husson. Basketball is a huge commitment no matter what level of schooling, so she understands that school is just as important. She has academic goals as well as athletic goals. “I definitely would like to keep on the dean’s list. I really strive to do really well in school. And for basketball, to win the NAC tournament this year, and that would be my goal through all four years of college.”

Now a lot of time with athletes, there is someone in their life who inspires them. Someone who they may have looked up to, whether they are an athlete as well or someone one in their family. Worcester says that the person who is her biggest inspiration is her brother Mitchell. “He was definitely my main deciding factor in wanting to come here. He helped me meet a lot of people.”

Worcester is averaging 13 points, 4 boards, and almost 3 assists per game this season with the Eagles. The team is heading into the final game of the season, which is on February 20th, at University of Maine at Farmington.

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