Thinking About Going Greek?

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By Olivia McCrillis (Member of Delta Sigma Delta)

BANGOR, ME- We’ve all heard the rumors about greek life, the many stereotypes, but have you ever wondered what Greek Life at Husson really is? Brandon Seekins, the current President of the Greek Council shared with us not only what being in greek life means to him, but what it could mean to you.

Currently at Husson there are five different organizations. We have two fraternities, Mu Sigma Chi and Kappa Delta Phi, and three sororities, Epsilon Tau Epsilon, Kappa Delta Phi NAS, and Delta Sigma Delta. Both Kappa Delta Phi and Kappa Delta Phi NAS share letters but for the most part are separate organizations, mainly sharing the title of Brothers and Sisters with one another. This is similar to the other three organizations which are all separate chapters of the organization, Pi Rho Zeta. Kappa Delta Phi and Kappa Delta Phi NAS are national organizations, meaning they have many different chapters throughout the country. This differs from the Pi Rho Zeta organizations, which are all local, only being located at Husson.

When asked about how the organizations get along Seekins said, “We have our rivalries, but we keep them fun.” According to Seekins although there have been problems in the past, the organizations are always able to see past them when it comes to the good of their members and the student body.

Currently, the greek organizations are in the middle of their Spring pledge programs, but when they aren’t pledging they each get involved with many different community and campus events. A few campus events that are hosted by either Greek Life or a specific Greek organization include, Greek Games, Husson’s Got Talent (KDP),  and the semesterly Lip Sync. Some community events include working with the Bangor Humane Society, Manna, Ronald McDonald House, Relay for life, and many other community programs. In addition to the different community programs they’re involved in, all of the organizations are also working with Husson on the It’s On Us program.

If you’re interested in how to go about joining one of these organizations, pledging occurs during every semester and the best way to get involved is to attend their info nights and rush in order to get to know them; which usually happens at the beginning of every semester.

In addition to being the President of Greek Council, Seekins is also an active member of Kappa Delta Phi. When asked how being involved in Kappa has impacted him, he said, “Greek Life has changed my life for the better. Before I came to college I was not much of a leader and I didn’t really feel like I was a part of anything other than a few friends I had. Now I’m President of many groups and I’ve done so many amazing things that I’m proud of. I love Greek Life and I’m glad I made the decision to pledge.”

For more information, or if you’re interested in pledging a greek organization, contact Brandon Seekins at

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