The Magician


The Magician

by Shane Althouse

A Magician is one who tells the wildest fairy tales possible; then proceeds to make them come true with articles at hand.”
– David Devant, 1911


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Husson University is hosting magician Norman Ng in the furman. Norman is magician and has been doing this job for 24 years. Norman has performed on tv, live people and also on the Internet. Mr. Ng has performed in 48 States in the United States, Canada and also has performed on tv shows Penn and Teller for Fool US on the CW network. In 2011 Mr. Ng was named “the best variety act” by campus activity magazine. You can find Norman Ng on Facebook and also on his fan page.

Norman said he, “I have been doing magic since I was 8 years old. It started when I went into a magic store and the magician owner made a red ball appear in my empty hand. Norman Ng likes to get people involved in his magician acts from the start of the event he did that tonight with a mind reading act. Which students wrote down on a piece of paper? He also likes to make jokes during his performances. His first act started off with the bowling ball coming out of the paper. Norman Ng “every expert has some kind of mind reading”. Norman Ng made a joke to the student “that’s the look when oncoming traffic is coming at you”. Norman Ng also made jokes during his performance at Husson University. The crowd was full of laughter and excitement during the whole event at Husson. “28 years of my life to be able to do that” as he flips a card into his hand. Norman Ng also has a good artistic act as he makes a card slide on top of another one on a piece of paper. Norman Ng humor made the crowd laugh a lot tonight. Norman Ng smashes a baseball bat on 2 bags which contains objects. As he smashes the baseball bat Norman says “this is for Glenn” Norman is referring to the walking dead character who died in the season 7 premiere. Norman Ng makes a lot of jokes during his formate tonight “if she pulls me off the stage please remember 3 things 911” as everyone laughs. Norman Ng yells out Magician is cool. He also brings back history of people that have used magician some of them are Muhammad Ali, Neal Patrick Harris and Justin Timberlake and many more. Norman Ng also talks about how the dollar bill was made and what it is made. Norman talked about the show and said, “I have been doing magic for 25 years and the part I like about it is the reactions, like in tonight show the guy that was laughing un- controllably, like when the bowling ball hits the stage people just freak out that’s the most fun”.In some of Norman Ng previous magician acts he nurturing young son’s love for machine.

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