Husson Open House

Husson University Open House – April 8th


By Kelli Bailey

Husson Spectator


BANGOR, Maine – One great way to tell if a school is for you, is to attend an Open House. Husson University will be hosting their spring semester Open House on Saturday -April 8th. Husson hosts a fall, and spring open house every year. This is a fantastic opportunity for accepted students to view the campus, and all that the University has to offer.


Students volunteer their time to give tours to visiting students and families. Shayne Brown, student government senator, states “Open house offers new and prospective students the opportunity to get a glimpse of Husson University in a more formal setting and open house allows current students an opportunity to give back to their Husson community, by acting as a guide to new and prospective students”.


Clubs, chapters, sports teams and extra curriculars line the walls of the Campus Center for incoming freshman to take in. Students can take time to view all the different opportunities Husson has to offer, by seeing the diversity in all the clubs.


“I will say that it is hard for new and prospective students to approach clubs and organizations at open house. It’s a very overwhelming day for them, with a lot of information to take in. As someone who has tabled at open houses in the past, you just try your best to make students aware of the clubs and organizations they have available to them at Husson University” Brown states.


After touring the entire campus, inside and out. Students and parents have the opportunity to enjoy a lunch in the Dickerman Dining Center, courtesy of the University. This showcases the meal plans that are available for incoming students, and the foods that will be accessible.


Attending an Open House is just one step closer to starting your college career. Viewing the University, and seeing all that it has to offer ensures that you are well equipped for the start of your semester. Even though it can be overwhelming at times, take it all in and process all you’ve learned. Even a smaller University, like Husson, can offer many opportunities to take advantage of.


You can attend the next Open House, Saturday – April 8th, from 8:30am-1:00pm. To learn more, register or volunteer to give a tour visit:

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