Bangor winter affecting Husson sports

Husson Winter affecting sports teams

By: Shane Althouse

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( Courtesy to Bangor Daily News)

Some people may think after last year’s winter here in Maine. That it would not be that bad and could be easy going for kids that have never lived in Maine. Then this winter came along. And did it come along strong Bangor in a matter of 2 days had 24.2 inches of snow and also broke the record for snow accumulation over a 24 hour period. We have had roughly over 62.4 inches of snow so far this year and with another storm coming along it seems like it will not be stopping soon. But it is not just affecting residents in Maine it is also affecting Husson University and its athletes. Baseball has had a hard time getting practice in on the field with it being covered in snow and same with the softball team. This winter is making up what did not happen last year. With softball moving their game to Colby the question is how long will the snow last and when can outdoor sports get out on the fields.

Husson men’s baseball team has already had to reschedule a game this year due to the snow. I was able to interview freshmen shortstop and 2nd basemen Kes Lavoie about the weather, “ the weather has affected use a lot because are field is still all mud so we have not yet one stepped on are field, even though we have started games, so it is really difficult to practice because we are either inside the gym. We are trying to work with the baseball team to get onto their field then we have to work with the lacrosse team to get onto the soccer field, it’s very difficult to get practice times in. Kes also talked about what she thinks of the winter, “I think the winter is very annoying and it should have ended in February not March- April”.

The weather has impacted Husson University outdoor track and field a meet that was supposed to be held at Fitchburg College track and field got pushed to Dartmouth College due to snow accumulation on Fitchburg’s track. But it did not stop there for Husson university outdoor track and field team the meet then got pushed back to Sunday due to a snow storm at Dartmouth College and also the wind would be a major factor at the meet, with winds up to 25 miles per hour.

Most of the outdoor sports including lacrosse has also been affected by the snow. Just this week a lot of sports has been scheduled. women’s lacrosse and baseball games previously scheduled for this Saturday, April 1st have all been shifted a day earlier, to this Friday, March 31st. sophomore lacrosse player Blake Campbell gave his thoughts on the winter here at Husson, “ It’s not like the winters from where I’m from and I’m use to that.

Let’s hope spring comes right around the corner so teams can be able to practice on their own fields and have home games here at Husson.


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