Toilet Times

Husson University Events

by Shane Althouse


(Courtesy to Husson website)




Have you ever wandered what is going on campus and have a hard time figuring out where to go to figure out where they are happening. Well Husson University has this paper called toilet times. The toilet times show what is going on during the week and the week after it. Things on the toilet times are movies which are in the Kominsky. Now the way you get to the kominsky is you walk to the entrance of Peabody which is right across from Carlisle Hall. Most of time in the Kominsky it is used for movies like Patriot’s Day starring Mark Wahlberg which happened the first week of April. Also last month they did the new Star Wars movie Rogue One. To watch these movies, you don’t need to pay you just show up and find a seat. They also serve popcorn while you are there. Most of the time for these parts of the toilet times it is controlled by the students.

Sophomore student Bryce Carter gave his thoughts on toilet times, “It’s a good way to get information about an event out there and let students know what’s going on around campus, he also had to say, “The best part is being able to know what is going on around and having it in such a convenient location”.
But it is not just movies that the toilet times have on them they have lip sync battles, comedians, mind readers, bowling trips, arts and crafts and many more. Just last week we had Fitzy’s comedian, Mind Reader: Robert Channing and the Clash of Champions Lip Sync battle back to back to back days.
Junior student Bekah Walker who is a transfer student from Northern Maine Community College gave her thoughts about the toilet times and the event’s that happen around campus. “I think it’s a good way of spreading information around and letting people know what’s happening, it just gives out good information about what’s happening around campus”. Bekah also gave her thought on the events, “I love going to the comedians, lip sync battles, mind readers and all of the events that happen in the Furman”.

The Furman is located in the bottom floor of Peabody.
With most of the events being on campus there are times where events are not on campus. Some of those events are Celtics games, Redsox games, Bowling trips and many more. For those events minus the bowling it is first come first serve way. There is only so many tickets that Husson can sell and for those you have to pay for them.

Husson Unversity always has something going on everyday for people if it’s a movie, comedian, lip sync battles or going to a sporting event it’s a way for Husson to get people together.
Toilet times are made by Resident Director and coordinator of student activities student life makes the toilet times and sophomore audio engineering student Garett Ross hands them out to students in the dorms.

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