4th Annual Dunkin’ Donuts Run

By Natalie Scott

BANGOR, ME- Every year for the past four years the track team of Husson University hosts a Dunkin’ Donuts Run. The annual Dunkin’ Donuts Run is a fun way to help raise money for the outdoor track and field team. Everyone who signs up will run a mile and in return, get donuts. Actually, in greater depth, the runner will run a half of a mile, eat a donut, and then run the other half of a mile. Even though this doesn’t really seem all that pleasant, it’s for a good cause. The track and field team of Husson use all of the funds to pay for all of the things that go into making a college track team great. “It’s for our spring break meet. We start them now to help for next year. It’s to help with that and also get more equipment,” said Shane Althouse, a sophomore on the team.


In addition to this sweet event, the team will also be holding a “Munchkin Mile” for all of the littles who want to take part in the fun festivities. This race will be for children who are thirteen and under, and instead of eating donuts throughout the race, they will be eating munchkins. The first forty people who register for the Munchkin Mile will receive a free t-shirt with their ten dollar registration fee. This race is set to start at 4:45 pm, and it will also be held in the Newman Gymnasium. If you don’t pre-register, you can still participate. These participants are asked to arrive at the gymnasium at 3:00pm for registration.

“It is a fundraiser for the Track and Field team and we are looking for as many people as possible to attend!” said Coach Kate Goupee. This year the team went to California during their spring break to attend a meet. All of the money raised from the Dunkin’ Donuts Run will go toward the trips that the team takes, as well as new equipment. As the team looks for as many people as they can to join the race, registration forms can be found at the following locations: sub5.com, Newman Gymnasium- Track and Field Office, Broadway Dunkin’ Donuts, Husson University Track and Cross Country webpage, or by Sterling Pingree the Coordinator of Student Activites in104A Peabody Hall.

The event will take place on Friday, April 21st in the Newman Gymnasium, but if you wish to participate you are asked to pre-register by the 19th. High school and college students who are pre-registered by this date will be asked to pay a registration fee of ten dollars. If they would like to sign up on the day of the race, it is fifteen dollars.  Adults and community members will pay a fee of fifteen dollars if they pre-register, or twenty dollars if they sign up on the day of. The first forty registrants will include a Husson University t-shirt with their registration.

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