The Fate of the Furious

 The Fate of the Furious – Is Eight Movies Pushing It?


Husson Spectator

By: Kelli Bailey


BANGOR, Maine- This fast paced, action packed film broke the box office upon it’s release. Starting from the title, Fate, which is an obvious play on words, hinting that it’s the eighth movie in its series, to the engine revving action that goes throughout the film, it’s no wonder it grossed millions on releasing.


Dom and Letty are celebrating their honeymoon in Cuba, when “fate” takes a wrong turn. We learn some interesting facts about Dom in this film, and it puts Letty’s loyalty to the test. A global hacker named Sypher get introduced as a new, villain you could say.  Even though we don’t know who she is, she knows Dom like the back of her hand. Using her wit and knowledge of Dominic, she twists his will, using the only weak spot he seems to have, his family.


Besides the heartwarming, and suspenseful story line, you can expect action scenes from beginning to end. The ever so famous street racing scenes, along with Hobbs beating some people up. One thing that this franchise does not miss, is action.


The original Fast and the Furious movie debuted in 2001. Nearly 16 years later, and it’s still going strong. In the series the gang has traveled all over the world. Starting in the U.S., then moving to Tokyo, China, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Dubai, Mexico, Cuba, and the list goes on. Even though everyone in the film lives a fast paced dangerous life style. It’s the simple fact of being together, and celebrating “family” that keeps them going strong. That is the reoccurring theme in all the movies. However, this particular movie had an obstacle to overcome. After the passing of Paul Walker in 2013, his character Brian, had to be re-written. The newest movie, Fate and the Furious had Brian, Mia, and their children “retired”. They do mention Brian a few times, but quickly shoot down the idea of bringing him in on the mission, for obvious reasons. Without spilling any major details, they do a nice tribute to Brian (Paul Walker) at the end of the movie, which will make you all warm inside.
Behind all the gun shooting, hand to hand combat, and the occasional mouthing off to one another, this movie has a solid, wholesome message to it. It just shows what someone is willing to do for their family, and the ones they love. Eight movies in a series is definitely a lot, but the quality of the storylines just keep getting sweeter.

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