Black Violin to Play the Gracie Theater

By Bryan Sidelinger- Black Violin is making one of its three New England tours stops here at Husson, on April 4th. Managing Director of the Gracie theatre, Jeri Misler says in an email that, “This year’s tour is called I.M.Possible so the music is awesome and their message is strong. They travel with an amazing DJ, and a drummer, plus a trailer full of lights, sound gear, and hazers, so its huge. Our live sound students, as well as our Entertainment production students are very excited to meet this group and work a long 12-hour day to put this show on. It is my hope that Husson students will realize what a great opportunity it is to see them, and grab some tickets before they’re gone. For only $15.00, it’s a deal too good to pass up.” To get tickets, visit http


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