Mr. Husson Pageant is Back!

By: Nick Langille – The Spectator

BANGOR, ME – Come join the sisters of Kappa Lambda to watch the Mr. Husson Pageant! This event takes place tonight at 8 PM in the Gracie Theatre, One College Circle, Bangor. The admission fee is $5 per person. Seven male students from Husson University are participating in this pageant. These contestants will compete in three different rounds: interview, talent, and fashion. They will be competing for the title of Mr. Husson, but also Mr. Congeniality and Mr. Cutie Pie as well. The contestant with the best attitude throughout this pageant will win Mr. Congeniality. Mr. Cutie Pie is determined by who the audience believes will win the title of Mr. Husson. The money earned from this event will go towards supporting local and national organizations.

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