First outdoor concert hits Husson

By Calvin Cutler

The Husson University Musicians Club is making school history on Saturday, April 25th by performing its first ever outdoor show during the school’s Spring Week. Students from the Musicians Club are playing many varieties of music, including rock, metal, ska, and punk.

Never before has a band, or an entire concert been held outside at Husson University. With eight bands performing, lasting all afternoon and evening, students are encouraged to attend some of the shows while they engage in other activities during Spring Week. The show is scheduled to begin at 12:00 PM, and run its course until all the bands are finished. Musician’s club has always been an outlet for organized bands and artists on campus to express their musical creativity.

“Musician’s club is a way for musicians on campus to connect with each other, have a practice space, and participate in events that have gigs,” said Husson University Musicians Club Vice President Nick Chmela.

The Spring Fest show also lets video, audio, and entertainment production students show off their skills.

“It’s a symbiotic relationship with the live sound department, the entertainment production department, and the video department. Not only does it give us shows to play, but it also gives them shows to learn on,” said Chmela. “We’ve got five people filming it, 10-16 audio people on the event, about 4 or 5 people from Kappa, two lighting guys and a stage guy as well. There are about 30-35 guys all together.” This grand combination of NESCom students works for the show, and allows it to run smoothly.

Many of the bands performing are from all over Husson’s campus as well, not just NESCom. “I feel we are going to end up getting a lot of people,” said Husson University Musicians Club Incoming Secretary Andrew Marcous. “We have a god headliner, Dead Season, so they’re going to draw in a larger crowd so we’re going to have more people to perform for.”

For the musicians playing this gig however, there is no way to tell how the actual show will go until it comes. For this first time concert, the bands and technical support alike will experiment with many technical aspects.

“Until recently, I thought we were not [prepared],” said Tony Jabroni and the Pepperoni Pony Band Lead Guitarist Nate Rubin. “Last night we went to the gym and played from 7:00-10:00, running songs through and through. We now have a better grasp on them. The most anyone can do is practice practice practice until the show.”

The show is completely free for anyone who wishes to attend, and all are welcome. “It’s going to be a great time. It’s just a bunch of friends getting together and doing what we love most, playing music,” said Marcous.

Spring Week is expected to be a time where all students of Husson and NESCom alike can come together, and enjoy games, music, food, and fun activities.

“It’s no longer just NESCom students, but Husson students as well. It’s sort of like a HussCom event which ties us all together,” said Chmela.

Performing bands include Dead Season, Alter the Tides, Chaos Machine, Fools Rule, North of Nowhere, They Called Me Legion, and Tony Jabroni and The Pepperoni Pony Band. Until the show, any questions comments or concerns can be sent to The Musicians Club President, Kelly Banks at

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