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Brianna Bires

Husson Spectator


BANGOR, ME– Technology plays a key role in everyone’s lives now. You can’t find very many people we don’t own a smartphone to carry with them everywhere they go. People’s lives revolve around their phones, and when we use them so much that means the battery life can drain fairly quickly.

This is why Husson University has installed charging stations for smartphones in all areas  that students use to either study or just hang out and relax. These stations were installed at the beginning of the school year and seem to be getting plenty of use. Jay Bishop, a student at Husson says he really appreciates the charging stations. “I tend to forget my charger a lot and I am on my phone a lot during the day. It is nice to have these charging stations so handy.”

Some of the places that you can find these stations is in the Campus Center in Peabody Hall, the library, the Gracie, the Nescom building, the study room in the gym and down by the Admissions center. There are multiple charging cords that are attached to it so they can’t be taken. It can be used to charge iPhones and Samsung phones.

Terren Hall, head softball coach and is also Compliance Director at Husson says she sees students in the study room using the stations frequently. “I always see kids on their phones. A lot of the time when I go into the study room I see at least one phone plugged in at a time. Sometimes more.” Hall also says that sometimes she and other staff members use the stations. “I know a lot of the staff here appreciate the charging stations as well. I see a lot of people use them.”

Bishop says he remembers when he first noticed the stations. “I was just about to sit down in the CC and study when I noticed my phone was almost dead. It just so happened where I was sitting was where one of those stations were. I remember thinking ‘how handy is that?’”

If you are looking for one of these charging stations just look for them plugged into the wall. They are green and sometimes have a black stand if they aren’t plugged into the wall. Most places where they are plugged in are right next to an area where you can sit down and either study or relax.

Kes Lavoie, a student at Husson says her and her friends hope to see more technology like this in the future. “It is nice Husson is trying to keep up with technology and provide things like this for us students. Husson is such an old school, sometimes it feels like it doesn’t always keep up with the times. I know me and my friends use those charing docs all the time.”

If you want to find out more about what Husson is doing for their students you can visit their website at Husson is a private college so funds aren’t always available for things like this. But, with tuition increase comes for things available for students.

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