Audio Students try and find Mickey’s ear

Brianna Bires

Husson Spectator


BANGOR, ME– NEScom at Husson University offers majors in all of the different communications fields. You could say there is a little something for everyone. but, for these Husson students audio is their calling.

For a final project, audio students have to recreate the sound in a Mickey Mouse episode called a Bad Ear Day, using any props or objects they can find to try and match the original sound. They are given a piece of the show without any sound a piece with the sound.

Monica Valli, a sophomore video student says this project is very important for many audio students.

“ It is a really good way for get our hands on some actual recording equipment. it is really the first time we have had to record all semester. So it was just like getting back into the swing of things and be able to really get comfortable with it.”

Valli says it is a lot of work and they have spent at least 12 hours in the studio at Husson already working on the project. The students used slide wissles, their boots, and balloons for just a few of the sounds. They also had to recreate the voice of Mickey and Minnie using their own voice.

Audio student James Sargent says this project is just a taste for many students.

“At this point in the nescom program there really hasn’t been a ton of post work and this is probably the first real foray for most students getting into that. So it’s pretty much just getting your toes in the water and getting into the deep end and see if you come out.”

Sargent says that it is essential that students know how to use all the equipment or it is easy to run out of time and not be able to use the equipment properly. He also says there are some major struggles they have to deal with.

“There is one part where mickey’s ears come off where it actually has a bit of a feed back oup sound and really getting a feed back oup without blowing my speakers up was a challenge. We eventually got it done but stuff like that just you never think about it when you are watching a movie or a cartoon. it is very difficult once you think about all the layers that go into it.” 

Valli says the layers are what she struggled with as well. “It took us so long to try and find the perfect tool to use to create the exact sound from the video. There are so many different layers, some that you can barely hear, which makes it difficult.”

Once the project is finalized students are able to use these finished projects for their resumes when trying to get a job in the future. Let’s hope these students helped Mickey find his ears.

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