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School Year Review

Husson University End of the year By: Shane Althouse Well it is coming to that point in the semester here at Husson University 3 weeks left of classes and most importantly three weeks left for […]

By Natalie Scott BANGOR, ME- Every year for the past four years the track team of Husson University hosts a Dunkin’ Donuts Run. The annual Dunkin’ Donuts Run is a fun way to help raise […]

Toilet Times

Husson University Events by Shane Althouse   (Courtesy to Husson website)       Have you ever wandered what is going on campus and have a hard time figuring out where to go to figure […]

Husson Winter affecting sports teams By: Shane Althouse ( Courtesy to Bangor Daily News) Some people may think after last year’s winter here in Maine. That it would not be that bad and could be […]

By Natalie Scott PRINCETON, ME- On Thursday, March 30th, residents of the town of Princeton gathered at the town hall to discuss the plans of placing a new cell phone tower in the area. Although […]


Logan By Shane Althouse As everyone all knows Hugh Jackman is done making X-Man movies. So Logan was the last one and so far it has been getting good reviews. For a last movie its […]

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